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Sunday Worship

Join us for Sunday service at 2pm and experience the unconditional love of Jesus Christ and the radical welcome of our community. We are social distancing and wearing face coverings for our in-person worship service on Sunday mornings.


Thursday Night Gatherings

We welcome you to our Thursday night worship and prayer service. Enjoy a night of praise and fellowship as we gather during this midweek service. 


Thursdays at 7pm. 

Location: The Light Church

Live Link:

Light refreshments will be provided.


Bible Reading

Join us on Tuesday and Saturday at 7:30 pm for Bible Study. As the body of Christ, we are reading the Bible as the whole. We are currently reading the book of Isaiah. We will read the Bible and share about our lives and Biblical leadership.  

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID #: 917 680 2133

Tuesday & Saturday Night at 7:30 pm 

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